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Esther-Rennae Walker

Esther-Rennae Walker

ESTHER-RENNAE WALKER is British-Nigerian storyteller from London. Inspired to create stories where she could see herself and underrepresented communities honestly and imaginatively represented, Esther-Rennae began her filmmaking journey. Her first short film, Double-Edged was selected for Newham Rising film festival and her micro-short, 56 Black Men, was selected for Wha’Gwan film festival and EVCOM’s Focus […]

JC Niala

J C Niala

JC Niala is a playwright, theatre maker and poet with a specialism in multi-lingual theatre. She has run workshops on theatre that range from African theatre to multilingual theatre to the use of food in performance at universities and theatres in the U.K. and South Africa.