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Esther-Rennae Walker

Esther-Rennae Walker

ESTHER-RENNAE WALKER is British-Nigerian storyteller from London. Inspired to create stories where she could see herself and underrepresented communities honestly and imaginatively represented, Esther-Rennae began her filmmaking journey. Her first short film, Double-Edged was selected for Newham Rising film festival and her micro-short, 56 Black Men, was selected for Wha’Gwan film festival and EVCOM’s Focus award which earned her a feature in the Evening Standard.

Esther-Rennae’s stories go beyond the screen and have a home on stage and on page. O Wa Niwaju Mi, her most recent poem was runner up for Whitechapel’s Gallery’s Young Writer In Residence and she regularly shares her short poems on her YouTube channel erwstories. Her first ensemble play Islands was co-written with four other writers for Talawa’s Young People’s Theatre Company. Esther-Rennae is also a recent recipient of Art’s Council DYCP fund where she’ll be developing her debut solo play.

Favourite Writer (I don’t have a favourite playwright but I have a favourite writer)
Chimamanda Ngozie Adiche – “We stand on the shoulder of giants” and as a young British-Nigerian woman it is one thing to discover a writer that you share commonalities with on the basis of heritage and race but its another thing to both emotionally and creatively connect with said writer who creates the kind of stories you didn’t think was possible to be platformed in mainstream Literature. Adiche’s work captures the joys, complexities and the humanity of people who look like me and I’m honoured to be standing on her shoulders”

Writing Sample: Before I slice my cake

Country: UK