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What We Do

Our primary purpose is the elevation of African women theatre-creators, mobilising and enabling a community of African women creatives to have voices hard to ignore. To be a catalyst for change, challenging perceptions of what women can be and bring to society and positioning African women as producers of exceptional culture.

The AWPN marks the establishment of the first network of its kind. It creates a vital and safe space for African women playwrights to connect, interact, share work and collaborate across the globe. It enables local and regional development, offering mentoring, capacity building and skills development as well as enabling access to opportunities for international engagement as available to playwrights in Europe and the US.

AWPN reminds women that they’re not writing alone, that there are other people like them in the world, that their work matters and makes an important cultural contribution.


Aims & Objectives

We have four core aims to realise our vision and purpose:

  1. Facilitate connections and build community – building bridges for African women creatives to connect, interact and collaborate across the globe
  2. Build capacity of African women playwrights at critical stages in their careers – through training, mentoring, residencies and festivals
  3. Increase visibility and representation – promoting exceptional work of African women playwrights and developing opportunities for publishing and performance locally, nationally and globally
  4. Establish AWPN as a financially sustainable, independent organisation

Our Values

The core values that underpin our work are:

  1. Creativity
  2. Sisterhood / solidarity
  3. Dignity
  4. Commitment to the next generation
  5. Collaboration / Connection / Network
  6. Quality – recognition of exceptional work