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Africa Writes Program

Africa Writes Program

Lanaire Aderemi and Nia-Cerise Conteh, ran 5 workshops through Africa Writes program with Stoke Newington schools’ years 7-9 students to perform two extracts from South African playwright Koleka Putuma’s play, Mbuzeni at British Library event.

African Literature Association Conference

African Literature Matters Panel

JC Niala spoke about AWPN at the launch of a Caucus on Performance within the African Literature Association conference 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. ALA exec, Profs Folabo Ajayi-Soyinka (Prof Emerita, University of Kansas) and Ketu Katrak (UCL Irvine) – straight conference paper examining why the focus on Women playwrights in the 21st century, and their contributions to African literature with emphasis on the theatre.