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lanaire aderemi

lanaire aderemi

Lanaire Aderemi is a poet and playwright committed to amplifying and archiving untold stories. In 2021, her play, ‘protests hymns and caskets’ was shortlisted for the Mustapha Matura Award and was shown at the Belgrade Theatre.

Irene Isoken Agunloye

Irene Isoken Agunloye, Nigeria

Irene Isoken Agunloye, Professor of African Drama, Gender, Women & Film Studies; Director of the Centre for Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria ‘Nollywood in Glocal Perspective is a compendium on film and cinema in contemporary Africa as well as a contribution to the emergent New World Entertainment Order and its diverse cultural centres.

Martina Omorodion

Martina Omorodion, Nigeria

Martina Omorodion is a doctoral student at Federal University Oye Ekiti (Nigeria) currently working on the effect of violent conflicts on women and the environment. She is interested in both Terrorism and Violent extremism, and has written at least two papers in these two research area.

Rukayat Nihinlola Banjo

Rukayat Nihinlola Banjo, Nigeria

The focus of my research is Screen and Cultural Studies with interest in Screen Theories and Production, Media Sociology, and Gender and Performance.