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Thoko Zulu

Thoko Zulu

Thoko Zulu is the founder and CEO of “Happy Pictures,” whose overall mission is to be an influential and leading theatre, film and television content producer telling diverse stories featuring fierce and fearless female lead characters. Ms. Zulu is a multi-award winning Zimbabwean Screenwriter/Director in the area of television and theatre for over 20 years. She wrote and produced several local TV programs that went on to win National Arts Merit Awards for most outstanding productions. She has also represented Zimbabwe as a film maker with the British Imagine Art After Project where migrated artists in different art disciplines were paired in selected projects with their counterparts back home.

Ms. Zulu has attended workshops and seminars organized by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe as well as those by the Ministry of Culture, playing a key role in the formulation of theatre and television policies. She is also former Chief Executive Officer of Intwasa Arts Festival in Bulawayo.

A Bulawayo based community leader and role model, she is a former ZTV Montrose Studios writer/producer/director. She has and still continues to mentor many young artists, especially women in the field of theater, film and television. Some key players in the industry have been inspired by her work to strive and achieve exceptional high standards.

Additional footprints include championing community theatre for policy advocacy at Amakhosi Cultural Center where she worked alongside artistic Director Cont Mhlanga and Nhimbe Trust. Thoko’s work has been significantly used for behavior change campaigns examining critical social issues at both national and regional level. She continues creating work drawing attention to serious humanitarian issues through programs focusing on active audience engagement.

Country: Zimbabwe